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Bringing My Blog Back From The Dead(Comments RSS)

Ok I admit it, my blog has recently got alarmingly boring.

What with Palm WiFi now fully operational, while PalmBlogX Programming has not yet been completed and entries not having been posted for a while due to A Level exams my blog has lacked character, any entries I did make were quickly drafted up technical entries explaining "nerd stuff" (as close friends christen it)

So what do I propose to do about it? For a start i'm trying to fill up the calendar with memories of any fun activities I did do, any interesting discussions and any good achievements.. This should bring back a bit of character, the exams are over and I am set to have the best years of my life so why does my blog lack the same exciting features?

Today (while Hannah is at Flicks' party which I did not get invited to *cough cough* Wink) I shall finish off the programming of PalmBlogX which will let me post entries on a PalmOS compatible computer from anywhere in the house (Pure blog excitement)

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