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Print Your Blog As A NewsPaper(Comments RSS)

I programmed a "Newspaper" ( this basically takes the last 3 non password protected entries and displays them in a typical newspaper format

Comments are welcome on this service... I can't really see anyone printing out my blog to read the last 3 entries daily, but maybe to some other BlogX users this could be a godsend? particularly in a corporate enviroment...

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31/1/2005 6:48 PM

I like that idea - simple, yet effective!


31/1/2005 10:59 PM

Why thank you Smile at least some pay attention to my daily conversation instead of just asking for help like a certain Mr.Andews Tongue *Grins* that was a funny morning... I spent a grand total of 4 minutes in that hour actually looking at my own computer monitor though


1/2/2005 7:44 PM

lol, only for me to change it all completely the next day!! I've decided to scrap the whole amend record on the same page malarky - and i've linked it to a seperate form instead ... shock! horror!

btw, i saw you and hannah on sully rd today, sorry i didnt wave - i was in my own little driving world!!


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