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Sunday, 30 May 2004

So BlogX has now been pingedup once and for all... I've added an option to ping "Ping-O-Matic" on new posts... and I installed wordpress on here to test out my client side....Test went fine...without a hitch...

Next challange will be getting links to be parsed from entries and then making pingback pings for them.. I don't fancy the speed at which this runs at so I may...just may make a popup "Please wait while I notify content providers"... and then it will intelligently do the rest...yes good idea Matthew!

Saturday, 29 May 2004

ahh bless, the exciting prospect of 182 new e-mails courtesy of Yahoo! Mail

It's not often I check my Yahoo! Mail (usually about once a week)... but I have been signing up to sites using my Yahoo! addresses long before I got my mits on an all new server..

So what do *I* think is the solution to spam... well a bit of everything really...

Charging for e-mail? :
I disagree that the way forward with SPAM is to start charging a couple of pence per e-mail, from a devloper point of view I think this will not end a few of life's problems, the people who are most supportive of cost mail are businesses.

something like a "token" system would work, they were saying about it before, but not to, the extent im thinking. They were saying that everyone should be issued like "credits" and then each time someone sends an e-mail, it goes to a big server somewhere up in the sky Tongue and deducts a token from them....and people who need more pay a few pennies for more tokens

User side (At least until servers come up with new methods):
1. Never pick e-mail addresses on popular domains like, you just know they're gonna get hit..
2. NEVER give out your e-mail address on webpages, always place a "Contact Us" form there
3. NEVER open up e-mails which have spammed images in them, they can detect you've opened them up by opening up a special image which was created just for you...then know your account is live and send you more.

Software / Server side :
1. The Matthew1471! way would be to just store a e-mail serial number on the server which *apparantly* sent it.
2. So once the e-mail is recieved by the destination server...erm say I sent a hotmail user an e-mail....
3. Hotmail would like check it, contact me and say "Is message 26.3354tko45wk a real e-mail..." and my computer would look it up and go "yes, that sent message ID exists"...then it'd deliver it to him or her..once a serial lookup had completed, the sending server would then erase the serial from the DB

Yes, so what if the domain *actually* did send the e-mail or the sending server was hardcoded just to send spam and agree to anything? well this is partly down to a few things then...

If the domain is liked...e.g. "" then I suggest they impliment policies to
1. ONLY allow 1 E-mail address per IP address...
2. ANY accounts sending over 30 e-mails a week...either require cutting off...or requiring investigation..

If the domain is not liked, I suggest banning the domain... The ideologies I have mentioned will ensure that an e-mail specifially came from that server... A random spam mail I viewed the headers on :

From : "Malia Natashia []"
Subject : "FDA approved drugs"
Recieved From :

now I doubt that even did come from Verizon...

so, in my examples... my server would have made a check back to "" (the largest phone company in the world) It could say....
"is message ID 205952kom73 existant?"
"are you responsible for it?"

Verizon would say
"NO! must have sent that, not me"
(which is where the actual e-mail forementioned did come from)

It's simple and it'd work!

I would like to program this at some point (just a little demo server)...but what with AS exams and everything it'd be stupid to start it now.

Friday, 28 May 2004

Well not to let my good friend Dan (aka Treble D) get into trouble, I must announce that during a conversation with Dan, the following conversation between him and Louise was my fault.

It all started with my recent fun saying "It's all Labour's Fault", I told Dan the following

[16:17:04] ! Matthew147: I got some fun for you!
[16:17:08] Dan: YES?
[16:17:14] ! Matthew147: add "It's all Labours Fault" to every other
[16:17:16] ! Matthew147: or even
[16:17:21] ! Matthew147: the moment she moans
[16:17:31] ! Matthew147: every single time you recieve a message which
could be considered as "moaning"
[16:17:43] Dan: Tongue;)GOTCHA!
[16:17:47] ! Matthew147: "It's all Labours Fault!"
[16:17:58] ! Matthew147: and no, asking her how her day was in the
hope she will moan is cheating Tongue
[16:18:05] Dan: OK
[16:18:08] Dan: GOTCHA
[16:18:49] Dan: I THINK SO
[16:18:49] ! Matthew147: YES!

[16:20:47] Dan: Oooohhh she defends Labour?
[16:21:25] ! Matthew147: Grin
[16:21:26] ! Matthew147: yup, your enjoying this i can tell Tongue
[16:21:44] ! Matthew147: or even if you wanna score extra points
[16:21:48] ! Matthew147: "That's what they want you to think"
[16:21:59] ! Matthew147: every single point she says which constitutes
supporting Labour
[16:22:04] ! Matthew147: "That's what they want you to think!"
[16:22:05] ! Matthew147: Grin
[16:22:14] Dan: She aske dme how my Day was, so I reply "Bad, because
Labour are in power?"
[16:22:19] ! Matthew147: yup Grin
[16:24:27] Dan: there is silence
[16:24:32] ! Matthew147: "Oh no! They've got you too!"
[16:24:39] ! Matthew147: "It's all labour's fault!"
[16:25:07] Dan: I wonder what she'll make of that

[16:35:19] Dan: She harps on "well i don't take all this seriously at
the moment."
[16:36:41] ! Matthew147: she'll moan!

Thursday, 27 May 2004

I've been looking at 2 Highly technical documents which I have printed out and am hoping to implement into BlogX... It looks a challange... - Trackback - PingBack

The parsing of pages looking for a PingBack/Trackback source is going to be tough...

but very interesting, based on the VERY FEW blogs which support it

To date, TrackBack has been implemented in the following tools:

Movable Type
TrackBack standalone Tool

It will be impressive just to have BlogX support something that only a dozen Blog code in the WORLD currently support!

Will BlogX be supporting Atom? Well...Give me a use to stop playing with my little XML 0.91 and I will! Wink cmon fire away why I should use Atom?

Today's Lesson (The Difference between TrackBack & PingBack) :

PINGBACK? TRACKBACK? (Adapted from : )
What's the difference between Pingback and Trackback anyway?

Phil Ringnalda: "I've avoided saying anything about PingBack until now, since I like and respect the people who've developed it, but it is *not* TrackBack. When you send a TrackBack ping, you are saying 'I responded to this, and I think that your readers would also like to read what I said.' You are leaving a remote comment. When you send a PingBack ping, you are saying 'I linked to you', nothing more. It's a 'show referrers' script that filters out non-weblog referrers, a way to avoid having to click your own links to be sure you send a referrer. It is *not* TrackBack."
I spoke to Nikki about Trackbacks and Pingbacks (Thanks Nikki for your help!), apparantly it's only WordPerfect (Sorry WordPress Blush...) users which seem to take advantage of the Pingback, Trackbacks!

Right so now to make BlogX do it!... I get the feeling that with Trackbacks & Pingbacks fully plugged, that BlogX will be the Blogging portal which no-one can double cross!

It will be one big huge update I think, Pingback, Trackback....Searches (Which are implemented on here but I'm not going to be releasing it into Source code until im completely happy it's a stable system)...

I think we may even make a variety of BlogX themes...

What idiot said the updates to this project is dead Wink (Yes, I know all you smart Blog searchers can point the blame at me for that one Wink)