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Friday, 21 Jan 2005

Regular people who keep in contact via MSN will have noticed I've had "BlogXs' Birthday 21st Jan 2005" as my MSN nickname for the last few days... Why?

Exactly one year ago the code that runs this site (Well the first beta of this site) was released to the public domain it's something worth celebrating.

The BlogX spider scanned in 23 new blogs in to "Who Uses BlogX" if you check that list now you will notice that there are a large amount of BlogXers considering the length of time BlogX has only been around for..

Anyway you might view this as a rather lame entry, but I thought it was worth pointing out how much work has gone into BlogX to make it as stable as it is today... Many thanks to everyone at for their beta testing and bug reporting and may everyone who downloads the BlogX source code find their site prosper Wink

Despite all the progress BlogX has made, I still find myself fine tuning it that little bit more each day and have great plans for the future Smile

Tuesday, 18 Jan 2005

One minute my Palm is auto checking my e-mails every 15 minutes, the next my WiFi dies, it won't claim an address + flashes up "Connection Failed" so i'm thinking "uhoh could this have anythign to do with my recently hacked acess point? Has something blown etc?" Stabbed the access point in the back a few times and tried a manufacturers reset, still lost contact & wouldn't respond to any of the PCs broadcasts and wouldn't pull up the web site on any of the addresses so I tried an emergency reset (stabbing it in the back twice) this should present me with the "BACKUP FIRMWARE UPDATE" page which allows me to force a new ROM on there (the backup page is all hardware based and should never become corrupted)... again no luck, no luck on either of the IP addresses

I restarted the DHCP server and checked the DNS servers' lease table... still no luck

I started tomourn the loss of an Access Point, right up until my dad got home, powered up his PC and was moaning and complaining something about "Limited or no connectivity" (Microsoft really dumb things down).. checked his network connection properties and observed a 169.X.X.X address... looks like someone else has lost connectivity to the DHCP server... at this point I leaped up ripped the CAT5 out of the switch and patched in \\Geoff\ directly into the NIC.. Bam "Network is now connected" flashes up...

Anyway a few meddles here and there just confirmed the switch has died... so I issued an RMA for it.. then I found it was working again... thought "hmm ok" then left it for another day and wamo, it dies again...

My current thoughts are the cable to \\MATTHEW\ because I know that one cable to be slightly faulty (from my times of using it as the sole line between the server and the internet and I was getting packet loss one day only solved by a cable switcheroo)

I spent 20 on leads and 10 worth are faulty (I can guarantee this because I plug in my old CAT5 and the light on the NIC lights up, I plug in both ends of 2 new cables and the lights refuse to light up) so they have to go back too...

In the mean time I might just try using the switch for the access point (Worth its weight in gold) and \\GEOFF\ if \\GEOFF\ looses connectivity then I might just chase up that RMA

Sunday, 16 Jan 2005

How annoying does this sound?

Having an exam on the 12th (Shoving a spanner in the works with anything I've wanted to do for a week leading up to that) then if that's not annoying enough, having another exam on the 20th which is exactly the same as the previous exam just more in depth and I need to know more information for..then to piss me off even more then having *another* exam a week after that...

Meanwhile not being able to see much of Hannah, not being able to do anything exciting other than revise and making me get bored, sick, tired and frustrated of the 300 pages in the Business Studies book...

I've read the Business Studies (my first 2 exams) book 300 pages again and again and again...

Altogether i'm doing nothing exciting for 3 sodding weeks... It's not like you can say "ahh don't worry it'll all be over in a week" because there's still another 2 weeks left.. True I have had a lot of extra time to revise, but i'm finding myself just staring into space now and getting more and more frustrated with everything now how annoying is that?

Wednesday, 12 Jan 2005

In between my solid revision (Oh how I love that phrase) I noticed a copy of "The Sun" lying by my mums bed, (My room is kind of awkward to revise in and my mum is collecting the tokens for the cheap 9.99 holiday offer) being the inquisitive kind and knowing just how large the sun has it's readership oh and not forgetting the fact Business Studies is one of the most annoyingly boring exams i've ever had to revise for

anyway the newspaper was mostly filled with dribble, really patronising stuff if ever i've seen some..

the one thing that caught my eye was this paragraph on having shared pedestrian / car roads

"Apparantly it was conceived in Holland where everyone is on drugs and drives slowly anyway"

well there we have it, a bit of foreign education for you all, is it me or is that slightly wrong?

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2005

I logged in this morning (In between my solid A Level revision of course Wink) to find my IP Address has been renewed by my ISP, meaning I have to go on a mass DNS update with my domain registrar to make my 3 sites even available to the public... It didn't take long admitedly, but this was like what 5 hours of my server being on while revising wondering why I havn't had a flood of e-mails through in a while asking about BlogX.

The weired thing is, i've gone what must be a year since my last IP change, so why pick a time when i'm gone?

I suppose this is an extension to sods' law though, as more often than not when i've left processes to their own devices (no pun intended) i've come back 4 hours later to marvel some error screen with a big fat progress bar on like 0% "Are you sure you want to do this"...or "Press ok to continue" or some other error requiring user intervention. (Despite having already selected the correct option and having thought there wasn't much else that could go wrong)

No sooner had I updated the DNS records though, that I come in here and find 12 concurrent connections (Compared to an hour ago 0 because the DNS was resolving to the wrong IP) to this site, no wonder I thought it was quiet before Tongue Still I still wonder why Googlebot seems to be on here (Normally with like 4 concurrent connections) more often than most users are, prehaps it's trying tot tell me something, like a sign my website is dying Tongue?

Anyway this all goes to show, I step out of the room for 5 hours and all hell breaks loose Wink Computers just don't run without me Evil