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Tuesday, 11 Jan 2005

I logged in this morning (In between my solid A Level revision of course Wink) to find my IP Address has been renewed by my ISP, meaning I have to go on a mass DNS update with my domain registrar to make my 3 sites even available to the public... It didn't take long admitedly, but this was like what 5 hours of my server being on while revising wondering why I havn't had a flood of e-mails through in a while asking about BlogX.

The weired thing is, i've gone what must be a year since my last IP change, so why pick a time when i'm gone?

I suppose this is an extension to sods' law though, as more often than not when i've left processes to their own devices (no pun intended) i've come back 4 hours later to marvel some error screen with a big fat progress bar on like 0% "Are you sure you want to do this"...or "Press ok to continue" or some other error requiring user intervention. (Despite having already selected the correct option and having thought there wasn't much else that could go wrong)

No sooner had I updated the DNS records though, that I come in here and find 12 concurrent connections (Compared to an hour ago 0 because the DNS was resolving to the wrong IP) to this site, no wonder I thought it was quiet before Tongue Still I still wonder why Googlebot seems to be on here (Normally with like 4 concurrent connections) more often than most users are, prehaps it's trying tot tell me something, like a sign my website is dying Tongue?

Anyway this all goes to show, I step out of the room for 5 hours and all hell breaks loose Wink Computers just don't run without me Evil