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Wednesday, 12 Jan 2005

In between my solid revision (Oh how I love that phrase) I noticed a copy of "The Sun" lying by my mums bed, (My room is kind of awkward to revise in and my mum is collecting the tokens for the cheap 9.99 holiday offer) being the inquisitive kind and knowing just how large the sun has it's readership oh and not forgetting the fact Business Studies is one of the most annoyingly boring exams i've ever had to revise for

anyway the newspaper was mostly filled with dribble, really patronising stuff if ever i've seen some..

the one thing that caught my eye was this paragraph on having shared pedestrian / car roads

"Apparantly it was conceived in Holland where everyone is on drugs and drives slowly anyway"

well there we have it, a bit of foreign education for you all, is it me or is that slightly wrong?