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Friday, 21 Jan 2005

Regular people who keep in contact via MSN will have noticed I've had "BlogXs' Birthday 21st Jan 2005" as my MSN nickname for the last few days... Why?

Exactly one year ago the code that runs this site (Well the first beta of this site) was released to the public domain it's something worth celebrating.

The BlogX spider scanned in 23 new blogs in to "Who Uses BlogX" if you check that list now you will notice that there are a large amount of BlogXers considering the length of time BlogX has only been around for..

Anyway you might view this as a rather lame entry, but I thought it was worth pointing out how much work has gone into BlogX to make it as stable as it is today... Many thanks to everyone at for their beta testing and bug reporting and may everyone who downloads the BlogX source code find their site prosper Wink

Despite all the progress BlogX has made, I still find myself fine tuning it that little bit more each day and have great plans for the future Smile