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Friday, 7 Jan 2005

Ok so i'm having no end of problems with the WiFi card, however things are looking optimisitic

This is so beautiful I think I might cry... --surf the web from anywhere (where you have a wireless connection) --check your email from anywhere!

but only when it works! -took me a couple of weeks to make it work -be prepared for some dramas - a number of support threads report the same problem I had

It has taken me a couple of weeks just to get this dratted thing to work, but now it is working it is so beautiful I think I might cry! It seems I am not the only one who is having problems - a number of people have reported the dreaded "Comm 8" error. Basically it seems the drivers aren't the greatest. The only way to fix it is to perform a hard re-set, and then re-install the wi-fi card drivers before anything else. I *finally* managed to get all that done (and my original information back), and install Web Pro and Versamail (both of which came free with my Zire 72). I have managed to surf commercial and private networks trouble free for the last few days -but for a while there I was pretty worried I was going to send up with a $100 piece of plastic!
In summary, this is a great card, but be prepared to spend a while tearing your hair out in frustration.

Also, often it doesn't seem to automatically find the wireless network - I have to tell it what the name of the network is. Not so handy when you don't know yourself!"


seems my DNS error is not a result of poor configuration by yours truely but dodgy drivers..

Update : Found out the problem in the end, was the choice of WiFi PC card I used to AdHoc, have a look for a newer Blog Entry on how to set it up.