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Thursday, 30 Dec 2004

Here's the ideal setup for a new PDA, (This has been a rather expensive purchase)

After constant surfing, price matching, turning up at pages only to find that the quote given is excluding vat or excluding some £20 delivery charge... :
Item: Palm Zire 72/32mb Os 5.2.1 Silver (£148.56 exVat)
Item: Ebuyer 11Mbps Wireless (WI-FI) USB LAN Adapter (802.11b) (£8.99)
Item: Ebuyer 11Mbps Wireless LAN PCI Adapter (802.11b) (£10.99)
Total (Inc Shipping) : £205.08
Note : Due to a mistake made by me, The shipping costs are more than what they should be as I ordered the products under separate order numbers :
Item: PalmOne Wireless Keyboard for T5 (3169WW) = £30.04
Item: PalmOne 802.11b Wi-Fi SDIO Card (P10952U) = £63.39
Total (Inc Shipping) : £115.66

Wednesday, 29 Dec 2004

So my 5 days are up and my special girl has returned from up north (Well up north and to the left a bit) and now I'm all set to spend a few more magical days with her

People tracking my progress with FireFox can now start grinning in a "I told you so" way, I jumped straight into the depths of FireFox and hit "Extensions" immediately, I grabbed a few *official* ones "Auto Copy, ForeCastFox, Dictionary Search, FoxyTunes, infoRSS" and after a user suggestion from "IndyUK" SpellBound made its way into my extensions list (and that I can easily say is possibly one of the best plugins known to FireFox)

So I sit here, getting popups about the weather, change a few tracks in Winamp, highlight to copy any text on a page and spell check any entries I post on BlogX (sometimes while surfing getting mildly interrupted by a "FireFox has blocked a pop-up for you") although personally I never had problems with IE security, plugins are rather nice, I have a feeling that they will turn into the next ActiveXs' but to get them to install you have to go through configuration options to allow the site to install components (or save them to your computer and drag and drop them) so I feel there might need to be a bit of user education there but they'll learn fast.

I've also updated BlogX a bit, we're on a new version (Blog readers, "CheckVersion" checkers and the mail contacters alike all should know) the new version releases pretty much all the fancy updates to BlogX that were on the About.asp page as "(Unreleased beta)" I still need to sort a few things out (Namely I want the "Advanced" button to disappear after clicking it or the hiding text having failed, FireFox support has had to be increased as it's trapping the "Document.all" and telling me I should use something else, but the "something else" wouldn't work in the context I need it to)

Other than that look set for a great week, meeting Hannah at 1ish and hope to have a lovely day catching up on the last 5 Hannah-less days.

Oh and I'm going to town tomorrow to the cinema in a big group (After having hacked Jens' computer with what she knows as "The penguin", looks like a Windows Update managed to corrupt her user account and now she's being asked for an administrative password that she does not know, looks like Knoppix STD needs to go SAM writing! Grin)

I think I may actually start to enjoy Christmas now Smile

Monday, 27 Dec 2004

I'm going to regret this I just know it... but after hearing nothing but talk about firefox for a solid month, and bitching about how crap IE is, I'm finally going to take the "FireFox Challange"... use FireFox for a week or your money back (All 0p of it)

Will I be disappointed Tongue?
We all know those annoying messages "Mail Undeliverable : Returned To Sender", well today after submitting the mailing list (Notifying MailingList members about BlogXProxy) I had a few (to be expected) but I suddenly noticed my little customizations I made a while back to the default message

"The following message from ##MY_ADDRESS##, addressed to:


just couldn't be delivered after 10 attempts, I give up, i'm sorry, I know how important this e-mail was to you..but it's gonna get deleted from the message queue.

Anything I can do to make it up to you?
I feel awefully bad...
Go on say it "Bad Mail Server" "

hehe, I forgot I did that
Today I released BlogXProxy, This allows you to have multiple users submitting entries to a BlogX Blog, without modifying your BlogX source code in any way...

This would also work in a scenario where you had an internal intranet server and you wanted to post entries from the internet, you could place a webserver with BlogXProxy running on an externally accessible machine, it could then forward it to the company intranet server securely..

Anyway I hope this solves a few users' requests