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Friday, 28 Mar 2008

Found this on the CCL mailing list:

What's heavy forwards but not backwards?

For the answer look in the comments (Facebook people click to view the original site) below.

Monday, 17 Mar 2008

Birmingham University's exam timetable came out today :

Given the length of the URL it's probably one to bookmark.

Friday, 14 Mar 2008

Although not related to a previous entry of the same title, I found this on Shiva's blog.

Despite the clichéd "My" prefix and the axiomatic poor acting I honestly can't work out if I like or hate "MySong".

Given that the songs originally contained some passion / enthusiasm all the program has to do is match notes and play the MIDI.. but at the same time the simplicity of the program (and particularly the "mood" settings) do seem like something one would struggle to easily do.

Maybe Ruth (or anyone with real musical skill) will be able to make more comments on this.
The "fifth largest investment bank" of America has requested emergency funding :

Bear Stearns has "been the subject of a multitude of market rumors regarding our (their) liquidity"

Interestingly enough Citigroup actually lost $18bn (Compared to Bear Streans's, $3.2bn).

Yet Citigroup still has not requested funding (a quick Google News search returned nothing other than) : Citigroup approves $2.5 mln retention equity award for chief executive
Courtesy of Rojo I was linked to the Mark Zuckerman (Facebook Founder) interview...

"Someone from the crowd yelled out at the top of his lungs, "Talk about something interesting!"

"Someone send me a message afterward about exactly why I sucked so much."
In response, someone yelled out, "What's your e-mail address?""

One thing that is certainly clear is the audience did not take too kindly to the reporter.

But you can judge for yourself :

or at least read the summary here or read the slightly less professional one here