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.NET FxCop 10 Install from CAB

As numerous people online have pointed out, FxCop 1.36 has been pulled from the Microsoft Downloads website. The new version of FxCop is now available in the "Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 Version 7.1".

You might not want to actually install that, so to install just FxCop, download the ISO version instead, extract it with 7Zip and locate Setup\WinSDKNetFxTools\ Open it with Windows and copy out the file "WinSDK_FxCopSetup.exe_all_enu_1B2F0812_3E8B_426F_95DE_4655AE4DA6C6". Rename this to "WinSDK_FxCopSetup.exe" and it should now install.